Workforce Organic

 Workforce Organic
February 2009
Project Challenge: 
Start-up project with industry organisation with little knowledge of Organic production systems. Wanting to create its own product while aligning its own vision and values to Organic ones.
Our Role: 

1. Guidance and advice to WFA and its staff in incorporating an Organic certified seedling and gardening business into the organisations’ capability.
2. Fortnightly practical advice and scheduling on Organic vegetable production and environmental management.
3. Providing practical strategic leadership, training and planning to guide WFA’s management and team leaders.
4. Introductions and partnership management with strategic partners and ongoing advise.

Outcomes & Benefits: 
  • New product developed;
  • Certified Organic to standards;
  • Senior management roles identified, staff employed and succeeding;
  • Improved health and well being of staff;
  • Strategic partnerships initiated and relationships maintained.