Global Organic Market Access - NZ Ambassador to IFOAM, UNCTAD and FAO

Global Organic Market Access - NZ Ambassador to IFOAM, UNCTAD and FAO
February 2012 - July 2012
Project Challenge: 
There are attempts internationally to move away from harmonisation of organic standards and to move towards equivalence. NZ is recognised internationally as an important participant especially in its relationship through the Pacific and Asia. The challenge is to communicate these changes and opportunities to authorities and the Organic community.
Our Role: 
  1. Educate NZ authorities about the history, objectives and activities of the GOMA Project.
  2. Advocate for harmonization and equivalence among governments in the most efficient manner.  How we respond to the Australian model. 
  3. Inform NZ authorities about the Pacific Organic Guarantee System (POGS) and explore how to recognize it.  Report back to the GOMA project. 
  4. Report other analyses, especially the state of NZ equivalence negotiations and opportunities, and suggest how to engage NZ in the global prospect for organic trade efficiency. 
Outcomes & Benefits: 

Collaboration of meetings with authorities and leading organic authorities in NZ and through the Pacific;

Multiple publications that explain GOMA's intent and progress of communications with authorities;

Reporting to IFOAM, UNCTAD and FAO of progress and strategic next steps.