Peru Cafe
June 2012
Established certified Organic business is seeking entry and sustained market presence in Asian markets.
Asian Leadership
June 2012
Geo regional self-organisation is considered important for the advancement of Organics internationally. Asia is an emerging economic powerhouse with diverse eco types and markets. However in contrast Asia is still the home of some of the world's poorest farming families. How leaders of the region self-organise to co-ordinate growth and demand whilst ensuring the principles and practices of Organic system approaches prevail whilst meeting local needs is considered.
Oasis Beauty
May 2012
Oasis is a small business with an excellent product, range and brand that requires assistance to grow to its potential.
Grow Wellington
April 2012
To work with a regional economic providing agency to assess local businesses readiness for exporting.
February 2012 - July 2012
There are attempts internationally to move away from harmonisation of organic standards and to move towards equivalence. NZ is recognised internationally as an important participant especially in its relationship through the Pacific and Asia. The challenge is to communicate these changes and opportunities to authorities and the Organic community.
Nahaia Active Organics
January 2012 - March 2012
Nahaia is a small business specialising in natural & nutritional Organic skin and beauty care range. The business was preparing to launch a '24kt Gold Facial' product and was seeking strategic advice to optimising this business opportunity.
Smeaton Hackett Events
January 2012 - August 2012
Change in brand and delivery of expo to two new events that showcase all aspects of sustainable living during a global economic recession. Develop a communication strategy that explained the changes and assured New Zealand and Pacific attendance.
International Association of Craniofacial Identification, International Individual Recognition Technology of Forensic Anthropology Association, Research Centre of WuEn Scene Psychology, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing Public Security Bureau,
December 2011
First national conference on GMO with researchers from all over China, seeking international perspective and advice. OSL represented interntional strategic advice and experience on impacts of GMO on food security, sovereignty, and equity.
Organic Trade Union Council
November 2011
First event of its kind in China, demonstrating its innovation and leadership through the Asian and International community.
Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu
August 2011 - December 2011
Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu’s is using an innovative approach to revitalizing its asset base through utalising tribal land and its biggest asset Human resources. It is strategy is to focusing on the hapu /regional. The concept is strong and requires revision after initial development.