FairMatch Support (The Netherlands)
June 2009 - May 2010
Develop and build a foundation for implementing the PGEP.This includes country specific analysis of trade bottlenecks and solutions to overcome them; a conceptual design of PGEP Information system as well as for the PGEP and; the development of the implementation phase and identification of potential donors.
Waitakere City Council
April 2009 - February 2010
Identify and detail how a regional food economy affects decision in the 21st century for sustainable regional development and growth.
Workforce Auckland
February 2009
Start-up project with industry organisation with little knowledge of Organic production systems. Wanting to create its own product while aligning its own vision and values to Organic ones.
Organic Systems initiative
June 2006
Develop a platform that brings together leaders of the region to discuss issues of regional importance, share issues of concern and identify methods of deeper collaboration.
International Researchers
June 2006
Provide a peer-reviewed scholarly journal in which researchers could publish their findings on ‘Organic Systems’ in the Oceania and Pacific Regions (and beyond).