We’re Guiding NZ Businesses to the Korean Market

After two years of research and development we are proud to have built a pathway to the Korean market with NZTE. Together we will be working with 12 organic and natural businesses from NZ and one from Niue to explore the opportunity of entering the dynamic Korean market.

Our training starts in Auckland on June 10. Then, after some 1:1 consulting we will be arriving in the Korean market for in-country training and exposure to the market in early August.

“Korea is a sophisticated market and NZ’s fourth largest export destination for certified organic products.” said OSL’s Managing Director Brendan Hoare. “The ‘Korean affect’ as it is known in Asia, means that other Asian markets look to Korea for new trends and opportunities. Success in Korea does not come easy, but market research indicates that the market is ready for NZ organic and natural brands.”